Information for Investors

Glimmer represents the future of social media.

  • Glimmer aims to be the world’s most trusted online platform for social and sustainability networking. Being built around privacy by design, Glimmer prioritises privacy and security concerns.
  • Glimmer is a platform that fosters positivity, encourages dialogue, and amplifies the voices of those who want to make a positive impact on the world. 
  • Glimmer is a space where businesses can showcase their initiatives and green credentials directly to sustainability-minded consumers looking to make ethical purchases. Glimmer provides the opportunity to build and enhance customer and brand loyalty on a focused, premium platform.

As we continue to grow, it is worth appreciating we are not building just another social media platform; we are contributing to a global movement for change. 

Help us amplify the voices of those who seek to make a difference and collectively strive for a better, more sustainable world. 

Your support and engagement with Glimmer will ensure that we continue to be a force for good, motivating societal transformation and empowerment.

To find out more contact us at [email protected]