Vulnerable communities need international support to weather the ongoing storms

Extreme weather events affecting communities across the Caribbean are destined to become more commonplace as the impacts of climate change intensify.

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The power of short breaks, movement and other practices on improving mental health – 4 essential reads

Research suggests that the pandemic has exacerbated the impacts of loneliness. Additionally, people’s fear of missing out, also known as FOMO, hasn’t decreased even since in-person social gatherings became less frequent. But small daily actions – such as a short walk, break from social media or even a catnap – can add up to have an impact on mental health.

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Agroforestry key to food security, soil nutrition and empowering women in Nepal

Agroforestry is a system combining trees with shrubs, crops, and livestock to produce food, support biodiversity, build organic content in soils, boost water tables, and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. Adopted in the Kavre district of Nepal, agroforestry is key to conserving soil nutrition, promoting food security, and empowering women.

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Five ways to use your garden to support your wellbeing

COVID-19 has shown that pandemics can seriously affect people’s physical and mental health. Stress, anxiety and depression have increased around the world, with the greatest effects for those living under the strictest lockdowns. Many people’s physical activity levels also fell during lockdown. Gardens, though, can help us push back against these negative effects.

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