Good News Environmental Stories for 2023

Sometimes we need to hear good news to cheer us up, be optimistic and to keep fighting for the better future that we deserve. So, UK geographer and energy specialist, Neil Kitching brings us seven positive and uplifting stories from around the globe. 

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Climate Change Education: the key to advancing climate action

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13 calls for urgent climate action to combat climate change. Climate action usually focuses on different mitigation — renewable energy sources, sustainable use of land, sustainable transport and adaptation — protecting coastal wetlands, decentralizing energy distribution, promoting sustainable agroforestry measures. However, when we talk about climate action, we often ignore one of the most important tools for climate action: Climate Change Education.

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How tech companies are failing women workers and social media users – and what to do about it

“DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”, the theme for this year’s UN International Women’s Day on March 8, highlights the digital gender gap and its impact on economic and social inequalities.
Read here how big tech companies are failing women on both sides of the screen: their employees and the users of their services.

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