Top sustainability tips from Clean Up Australia

There’s no doubt that sometimes, when we think about how we can live more sustainably, it can all seem too hard. 

When Glimmer met with Clean Up Australia’s CEO Jenny Geddes, we asked her for her top sustainability tips for reducing waste; she spoke about the big impact of small, simple steps.

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In a Barbie world … after the movie frenzy fades, how do we avoid tonnes of Barbie dolls going to landfill?

It made headlines around the world when the much-hyped Barbie movie contributed to a world shortage of fluorescent pink paint.
But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When movies or TV shows become cultural phenomena, toymakers jump on board. And that comes with a surprisingly large amount of plastic waste.

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With better standards, we could make plastics endlessly useful – and slash waste. Here’s how

The issues of plastic waste in our seas and the effects on wildlife are catalysing major public concern. Part of the problem of plastic waste is the difficulty of reusing many types of plastics as the feedstock for new products. We also need stronger incentives to reduce plastic in manufacturing and design.

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Genuinely Passionate about Generosity

When we talk about sustainability, it is easy to focus on the environmental issues and forget about the social sustainability challenges that exist. GoGenerosity is playing their part in combating poverty, making it easy for people to pay-it-forward to provide for those in need. Glimmer applauds initiatives like GoGenerosity and Charitabl.—all using tech for good.

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