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At Glimmer, we strongly believe that sustainability needs to be a core characteristic embedded in the DNA of an organisation’s business model. For us, its effectiveness and authenticity are driven by our business’s mission and ethos, because both are inextricably interwoven. And it is certainly not a by-product of a marketing ploy or a public relations conversation piece.

Our environmental and social responsibilities are embedded in the design of our platform. This is how Glimmer differentiates itself from the rest of the crowd. Designing technology for the greater good.

At Glimmer, we truly believe that it is our ethical responsibility to ensure that each one of us is making informed choices to reduce the harm we have knowingly or unknowingly caused on our environment, the very planet that sustains us.

And we strive to create and foster a culture of inclusivity, where everyone feels they are safe and belong. We encourage and promote positive online behaviour because we care about your digital well-being. And we know that it is the right thing to do.  

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